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Kamen Rider J

Masked Rider was the first ( and only for now - 16 Jan 2011) that can enlarge like Ultraman. He also got that power from aliens that want to help saving the Earth.

Masked Rider J also not series and only present in movies.
Kamen Rider J costume also wore and played by Jiro Okamoto

Environmentalist reporter Segawa, Kouji (Mochizuki, Yuuta) was given the ability to become Kamen Rider J in order to defend planet Earth against the alien Fog Mother and her children, who sought to destroy it. (Before Kamen Rider J, Mochizuki, Yuuta was in "Kyouruu Sentai Zyuranger" [1992-1993]).

The Fog Mother's oldest three children adbuct Segawa, Kouji's young friend Kana, in order to feed her to Fog Mother newly hatched offspring.

Kamen Rider J's combat techniques are "Rider Kick" (both films) and "Rider Punch" (only named in J's second film).

Giant Masked Rider like Ultraman

Because it can transform to a giant size like Ultraman, most of the scene seem alike an Ultraman movie or Power Rangers (when they combine to be a giant robot). But this make Masked Rider J had a big different from other Riders.

Kamen Rider J was guided by a large, talking grasshopper named Berry

Kamen Rider J's motorcycle was called J Crosser

The opening theme for Kamen Rider J was "Just One Love".
The ending theme was "Heart Catching Love". Both by BYUE.

Kamen Rider J appears in the Kamen Rider J movie (1994), which was shown with the
Blue Swat, Ninja Task Force Kakuranger movies and Kamen Rider World (1994)

Kamen Rider J was the last Kamen Rider project Ishinomori, Shoutarou was involved with.
What follows came after Ishinmori had died (January 28, 1998).

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