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Pil Herba Untuk Lelaki

Membesar & Memanjangkan Zakar secara kekal
Vimax - Pil Herba #1 untuk lelaki
- Menambah saiz & kepanjangan zakar
- Memberi kuasa 'ekstra' semasa seks
- Juga berfungsi melewatkan ejakulasi
- Produk herba yg diimport dari Canada
- Kesan penambahan saiz yang berkekalan

Harga Asal : RM350.00
Harga Offer : RM 330.00

Penghantaran : RM 10.00 (MY) RM20.00 (SG)
* masa penghantaran : 3-7 hari bekerja
* cuti - jumaat & sabtu

Cara Memesan Vimax (klik sini)

Maklumat Tambahan~ Hanya perlu klik pada tajuk-tajuk di bawah

Do Vimax really works ?
How do you measure up ?
Are the result permanent ?

Vimax Testimonial
      (18SX & Just for Men Only)

What Are the Vimax Ingredients ?



Ingin kesan yang sama tetapi pada harga jauh lebih murah ? (klik sini)

Information About VIMAX

Kesan daripada pengguaan Vimax adalah berkekalan
Kesan daripada pengguaan Vimax adalah berkekalan
Results from research of women around the world, 96% of them excited to bigger penis size

How to order Vimax ?

Introducing New Formula - More Powerful For A Better Result
Being a high class company, our team of doctors is always looking for ways to make a better product. Our latest achievement is a new Vimax Formula for better, faster and greater results. Instead of our old formula, the new one is more concentrated, that makes it possible to take only one pill per day instead of two and achieve even better results. Other companies make you take as many as 3 pills per day. This is ridiculous!!!. No wonder why we are rated #1.

Do Vimax Pills Really Works ?
After many years of Research and Development, our company is pleased to offer you a 100% Natural and Safe Product that can safely and permanently enlarge your penis size up to 3-4 Inches in length and up to 25% in girth. Discover what our "proven to work" formula can do for you by ordering today. Many men were skeptical at first but after they gave our pills a try their sex life and self esteem changed for the better. Read their success stories here.

How do you measure up ?
Are you really satisfied with your penis size ? Did you know that the average penis size when erect is only 5.7 to 6 ? Over 90% of men posses this size, so why not stand out from the crowd and enlarge your penis with our pills ? How would you feel being just an average guy for your lady ? With the advance in science penis enlargement is now possible without expensive surgery, pumps or hanging weights. By taking Vimax pills you can be up to 3-4 inches longer and up to 25% wider.

Don't buy in to the myth that says women don't care about the penis size. If you are small then it doesn't matter how good of a person you are, because you won't hold on to your loved one for long. We did a survey of over 50,000 women on which size they would prefer better. See the results below and make your decision whether to use Vimax Pills or not yourself. Below is David M. from Orlando, FL after using our pills. Results speak for themselves.

Start Using Vimax Pills Today & Your Love One will thankyou
Consider the difference between a 7, 8 or 9 inch penis that is thicker and a penis that is 4 to 6 inches and narrower. With a larger penis you penetrate more sensitive areas of the woman. Your longer penis probes deeper searching those special nerve endings. The added width to your penis fills and presses her from side to side to give your partner the most exhilarating sensations.

We get many emails from our customers that say our pills helped them regain their sexual ego. It's up to you when to stop taking our pills since they are 100% safe and made from natural products. We had one customer write to us that he decided to stop the pills after he no longer felt embarrassed when making love. His penis used to be below average, 5 inches to be exact, now he is 7 inches and is fully satisfied. He wrote us saying that now his woman receives an orgasm 95% of the time they make love, before she could barely get excited.

Are the result permanent ?
Yes they are. You control the growth because once you reach your optimum size you could stop taking VIMAX PILLS. We say you could stop taking VIMAX PILLS because it is not necessary to be larger then 9 inches. Most women can only comfortably accommodate a 9 inch penis. Anything larger than that may be too large for most women. Nine inches or more then 9 inches, the choice is yours.

Vimax Testimonial

Testimonial From Paul Schultz, CA - 2 Inches in Growth in 3 Months


I've never thought I would buy any of the penis pills that are so often advertised in mass media. I read the medical sites that said none of the herbal supplements could ever help you increase your penis size. It depressed me a lot, because I couldn't say I had a penis big enough to arouse any of my partner's smile. Since I'm not that young my sexual performance left much to be desired as well. Being assured that I wouldn't lose my money anyway, I tried 3 bottles of your Vimax Pills and couldn't believe the results I saw. In about 3 weeks of taking the pills I witnessed a noticeable increase in girth and in a couple of weeks it started growing. At the time I finished my third bottle I had 2 more inches on me and a considerable improvement in my sexual life. It is certainly worth the money I paid.

You know how they say it ? : Miracles don't just happen, they are firstly very well prepared.? No doubt that your company put a lot of time and effort to start helping people.

Testimonial From John Disher, NY - 1.5 Inches in Growth in just 2 Months


I always thought I would need some kind of an expensive surgery to increase my size, that would make my penis look ugly and give me pains and erectile disorders. I read it happened a lot. Well, frankly speaking, I didn't have enough money for that anyway. So I just reconciled myself to the fate of ?the little man? and merely bore the giggling in the gym's or swimming pool's locker room. Until the moment I came across your website.

Well what can I say, it's really hard to overrate the importance of what you guys are doing. In 2 months of taking Vimax Pills I managed to gain 1.5 inches! My sexual desire increased greatly as well as my erections became fuller and longer lasting. Not to mention that I got no more laughter behind my back. Now I meet the looks full of amazement and surprise.

Testimonial From Richard Keaton, NY - Gained almost 2 inches in just 3 months


My relationship with my girlfriend was falling apart because of our sex life. My penis was only 4.7 inches when fully erect and I knew it wasn't enough to satisfy my partner. She could never get a real orgasm so she had to fake it not to disappoint me. After taking Vimax Pills for 3 months I average out 6.5 inches. Now my girlfriend can't wait for me to get back from work so we can start making love. Now we make love at least 5 times each week. Before there were times where we haven't seen each other naked for weeks. Thanks to Vimax I began to enjoy my sex life more.

Testimonial From Ben Merlow, OH - Ben gained 3 full inches with our product


Hi, my name is Ben. I would really like to tell a compliment to your company. Not only your pills worked for me (what I wasn't really sure of) but they totally changed my life. I was 4 inches long before taking Vimax and in 6 months I made 3 full inches out of your best deal package. I was little less than average and hoped to achieve at least an inch just to be as everybody else, but I got just fabulous results from your pills. Instead of being anxious, shy and free-floating I'm now alive and kicking. This is probably the first time when I feel myself a real Man. Sorry I can't write any longer because I got a lot of things to do in my life.

Testimonial From Eric Kerwin, FL - Amazing 2.5 Inches in Growth in 4 Months


I'm very grateful to Pillsexpert for bringing such miraculous changes to my life. Having gained 2.5 inches from the 4 months supply and became more passionate and sexually attractive, I was even able to fix the relationship with my wife (we were on the verge of the divorce) by simply having great sex with her. I feel more confident now and? I'm just happy!!! Thank you so much and good luck to you.

Testimonial From Ronald D., DE - Ronald improved his edurance and now can enjoys sex much longer

First of all I would like to thank PillsExpert for letting me share my story with all of you. My name is Ron and my problem before taking Vimax Pills was being called a "60 SECONDS MAN." I could orgasm in less than a minute and that always kept me from a long-lasting relationship with any woman. Now after taking pills for 2 months I have been making love for as long as 40 minutes. I finally was able to satisfy my partner and I am thinking of proposing to her next month.

Testimonial From Joshua Grant, NV - Josh can finally maintain his newly bigger and harder erection throughout the whole sexual act

My problem used to be losing an erection in the middle of a sex act. You can understand how embarrassed I used to get every time, followed by stupid excuses from me of how I had problems at work, or any other BS. My doctor advised me to take prescription drugs and it did help me, but the cost was outrageous. I spent over $500 the last 4 months on prescriptions written by my doctor and deeply regret that I haven't found site before. After taking your pills I have seen an increase in my penis length and now I am able to keep my erection throughout the whole sexual act.

Testimonial From Mike Seaward, KY - Mike started enjoying sex again because of Vimax Pills


My sex life was really becoming a routine. I was pretty OK with getting it hard. I lasted long enough but I couldn't do it that emotionally tense like I used to when I studied in college. Since then my sexual feelings got gradually dull and every night was just like the previous one. Thanks to Vimax Pills that helped me experience greater sexual pleasure, intensified orgasms and get my honey to the peak of the sexual sensations.

Testimonial From Dave H., HI - No comment

No need to say anything else besides, Vimax was the best in the world I ever met

Vimax Pills is A Proprietary Blend of The Following 100% Safe & Natural Herbs

Epunedum Sagitum or Horny Goat Weed - Known in China as Yin Yang Huo. Chinese top medical doctors report that horny goat weed boosts libido and improves erectile function. Used to restore sexual fire and allay fatigue. Works by freeing up testosterone allowing to you to have a more incredible sex drive and endurance. Has been proven to be a powerful, natural aphrodisiac which will enhance physical and sexual sensations

Ginkgo - Medicinal use of ginkgo can be traced back 5,000 years in Chinese herbal medicine. The action of the herb may help support the brain, central nervous system and impotence. Ginkgo is known for increasing blood flow to the brain which aids in mental function. The herb also increases blood flow to the genitals which improves sexual function. In one study 78% of a group of men with impotence reported significant improvement without side effects. Ginkgo improves peripheral circulation and oxygenation.

Ginseng - Used for general weakness and extra energy and to have aphrodisiac powers. Russian scientists show that the ginseng stimulates both physical and mental activity and has a positive effect on the sex glands and enhances athletic performance Used for impotence as it normalizes blood pressure and rejuvenates and revitalizes the body and promotes the growth of nerve tissue One of the key ingredients is the ginsenosides that alters blood flow to the brain and penis. The herb helps infertility, and premature ejaculation. It tends to build blood and sperm . Accepted for "male or yang energy" it invigorates the blood, improving circulation, and increasing vitality.

Saw Palmetto - Known to stimulate a low libido in males and to increase sexual energy. A compound in saw palmetto has aphrodisiac effects. Several studies in Europe show that saw palmetto is an effective treatment for many men, BPH found that an extract of saw palmetto reduced prostate size by 13 percent. Enhances sexual functioning and desire and reduces cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood.

Cayenne Fruit- Used to ward off disease and equalize blood circulation. It may also prevent strokes and heart attacks by increasing the heart action but not the blood pressure. It has the ability to rebuild tissue and also helps combat fatigue.

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